Yalu And Her Stick



I have always liked this picture of Yalu. It’s one of her first photos when she had no idea what a camera was. Her main goals were being a puppy and exploring the strange new land outside of her kennel.

She was very proud of the stick she found all by herself and wanted to show she could carry it on her own.

This was one of the pictures I sent along to Tielman to draw. On the right was what he finalized for Yalu And The Puppy Room.

Tielman was able to capture the same sense of innocence and discovery from the above photograph and created one of many a wonderful drawings. In both pictures, Yalu has those big floppy ears that she would grow into and a long tail that seemed to be better off sticking up in the air.

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Yalu And Molly

CCI09292015_0007 (2)

Yalu has a pet zebra named Molly. The two of them are bff’s because Yalu will not let any toy climb to the top of her head. That toy has to be special and Molly the zebra qualifies as special.

Besides squeaking, Molly and Yalu like playing hide and seek with each other. Molly is really good at hiding. That becomes a problem for Yalu not once, but twice in Yalu And The Stinky Stink.

As for the artwork, Tielman is truly amazing. It probably took him ten minutes and was no effort at all. To me, it’s Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael. Yes, I am easily impressed.

Color artwork by Tielman is available and a part of my first book Yalu And The Puppy Room. It is in an e-book format and ready for your reading pleasure by clicking here.

Patient Puppy


Welcome to another one of Tielman’s sketches for Yalu And The Stinky Stink: a happy puppy sitting on a couch waiting for her people. Tielman really does capture Yalu. I find it amazing how he can take a string of words from me and create the above.

Now that he has the okay to begin finalizing the sketches he sent along, I am looking forward to seeing them. The good news about the final sketches is that they will all be in color.

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More Sketches From Tielman

Yalu getting washed

Alright, it’s like Christmas morning for me. Tielman has sent twenty-three sketches for Yalu And The Stinky Stink. Which one to post. Which one to post. Oh, I will end up posting them all. I’ll just do them one at a time so you, dear reader, will have a reason to keep coming back.

Enjoy the first of many preliminary Tielman sketches. The job for tomorrow will be to send him back commentaries.

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The Backyard of Yalu And The Stinky Stink


Welcome to Tielman’s preliminary sketch of Yalu’s backyard. I suggested that he reexamine the pictures he did of the backyard and house from the first book to give him a better idea of what drawn. I also noted that the skunk needed to be on the other side of the mesh wired fence.

He’s got a good idea of what the backyard should look like. I asked for a big tree and a deck. I wanted there to be a green mesh wire fence so Yalu could see the skunk. The mesh fence plays a pivotal part of the book. Yalu is a curious dog out in the back all alone and the title of the book is Yalu And The Stinky Stink.

I will leave it to you, dear reader, to imagine what happens next.

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Happiness Is A Chew Bone


Meet a dog who enjoyed the simple things in life. Yalu loved her chew bones. The best thing about them was chewing and chewing until the chew bone was down to the nub. That was when something magical happened. The chew bone nub would grow legs, sometimes wings, and head out to parts unknown. I personally think chew bone nubs ended up next to the missing laundry socks. Unlike lost laundry socks, a new chew bone would show up to replace the one that went away.

It’s great that something so simple could bring Yalu so many hours of joy.

Let’s see, I need a good transition to promote Yalu And The Puppy Room. While I am thinking about something witty to write, click here.