Your Dog


“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.”
– Unknown

It would be nice to know who said this because it is a pretty good quote that even applies to girl dogs.

So What The Heck Is That?


At first glance, the picture could be of a Star Trek Tribble. It could be Cousin It from the Addams Family. It could also be a wig gone wild. So what is it? Dog fur—lots and lots of dog fur.

Wesley, the Golden Retriever of the house, needed brushing. That pile of fur was what I collected. His winter coat has been taken back a bit and he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he resigned himself to getting brushed so he relaxed on the floor and let me get to work. Granted, I had to roll him over to get the other side because he made no effort to help.

If I brushed him again, I would probably get a pile of fur just has high.

Goodreads is a place where authors can post their books and reads can comment on them. They have a monthly newsletter that highlights an author. Below is my entry.

Yalu and the Puppy Room is the first book in a series involving a Golden Retriever name Yalu. The Puppy Room is the place where dogs in her kennel go to meet people interest in adopting a dog. Most puppies leave with new parents, while others return to cages to one day try again. It’s the big interview for this for this little brown puppy dog looking for a forever home. In a kennel filled with cute and cuddly dogs, will Yalu learn to stand out from her peers? There’s only one way to find out, read Yalu and the Puppy Room.

            Why is Yalu and the Puppy Room worthy of the Goodreads newsletter? First, it’s based on a true story about how I met my dog. She chose me and it’s nice to be chosen by a pet. Second, it teaches how to overcome rejection. Yalu was selected to go meet a family. They wanted a Golden Retriever and that was her. The mom loved her. The little boy loved her. The dad did not. Yalu learned to overcome her rejection and become a special dog. Third, I am a self published author with a good story and great illustrations that show that anyone with enough determination can overcome any obstacle place before them and publish.

            For more about Yalu, visit, Go for the black and white pictures that can be printed out and colored. Stay for the puzzles, yes, there are puzzles.

I have tried a marketing company called for the past few weeks to help me sell books. They set up a Facebook business page and have attracted fellow Facebook members to the page. The service I paid for also had postings submitted from They were nice and I got some ideas from the ads I’ve seen.

I have added my own postings and set up special offers for the book.

In the limited time I worked with, I had ninety-eight people like the page. Liking my Facebook page Little Brown Dog was nice. Likes are different than sales. People see the page, press the like button and move on their lives. Sigh.

There has to be a way for a self published author to sell books on line. I simply have not discovered how to do it. I have increased the sale of my book to 30% off and directed people to Perhaps that will help. Time will tell.

I am not upset about this experience. I am sure works with their customer base. Edison did not invent the light bulb with his first try. I just do not want to try as much as he did before finding success.



Zoom was a game I loved to play with Yalu. How do you play Zoom? What a great question. All you need is a puppy dog, a back yard, and people paws. Start by using two hands to pet the puppy on the tummy and sides—all that petting gets a puppy’s energy level up to critical mass. Once at critical mass (you’ll know you’re there because the puppy can’t wait to stand), step back, and watch the puppy take off.

It’s best if you are in the center of the yard so when the puppy runs by, that way, you get the full Zoom effect. Oh, and you have to say “Zoom” whenever the puppy passes in one direction, turn and say, “Zoom” again when the puppy runs by you again–just keep saying, “Zoom”. If you’re really good, try and touch the dog when she runs past you and if the dog is good, she’ll get close enough where you might be able to touch her, but not quite.

What does Zoom do? Well, in fifteen to twenty minutes, it wears out most puppy dogs with a minimum exertion on your part and will make for one sound night of sleep for your dog–Zoom is also known to work on young children who have problems going to sleep.