New Hampshire Flea Markets

salem flea marketHollis Flea Market 2

            I attended two different flea markets over the weekend; one in Salem, NH and the other in Hollis, NH. These were my first sets of flea markets for Yalu and the Puppy Room.  Both offered different results.

For Saturday, I was in Salem, NH. My assigned area was outside next to the main building. I kept waiting for the sun to  creep across the street because it was a little cold. Glad I dressed in layers. By ten in the morning, I had sunshine and no sunscreen or a tent. The weather was cool and by the end of the day, I only a little red across my face and neck.

What I did not like about my location was that it was a traffic area. Cars and people intermixed and made it a little dangerous for people on foot. If I ran the event, I would have had vender parking in the back and the road closed off.

Across the street from me were two different venders selling shoes. Another fellow sold used power equipment.  There were also tires and ladders for sale. Someone had electric keyboards nearby because at least three people passed my table with them. Next to me, a lady selling smart phone accessories had steady sales throughout the day.

As for me, I put on my happy face and broke out the routine—the routine is focusing on the artwork and giving the short version of how I came to know Yalu. I sold six books. Six was better than five, not as good as seven.

On Sunday, I found myself at the opening day of the Hollis Flea Market. There were cars in the area where I set up my table. They belonged to venders and they were parked behind the vender tables. When the sun broke past the single tree offering me shade, I wondered why I did not stop at Wal-Mart on sunscreen—one would think I would have learned that lesson from yesterday. I ended up with a pretty good case of sunburn. Thank you to the lady who gave me a sunscreen sampler!

My Sunday sales started out slow. The early bird shoppers were there to find the rare deals and apparently, Yalu and the Puppy Room was not that rare of a deal. I did my sales pitch and spoke to people slowing down to look at my display. Sometime after nine, I started making a steady series of sales for a total of seventeen books for the day.

Alright, seventeen book sales are better than six books sales. I would have been more than happy to sell eighteen books so I can say, “My sales in Hollis were three times better than Salem.” Twenty-three books for the weekend and some good referrals worked for me.

When I was not selling books, I helped out the venders to the left and right of me. One was an antique dealer. She wanted to sell a rocking chair for $30. The prospective buyer only wanted to pay $25. I have the prospective buyer $5 and told him to pay the antique lady $30. He did and a rocking chair received a new owner. I then sold that rocking chair owner a book.

The vender on my left sold a variety of items. I kept trying to help sell a Jackie Kennedy type Barbie with her accessories without success.

Next Saturday, I am hoping to have a booth at the 5K Brave Run/Walk and Dog Walk that will be in Nashua, NH. I might be a little late for that event. I will have to call and make inquiries. As for Sunday, I may look at the Londonderry Flea Market or one in Rowley, MA just so I can have a different audience.

I have also signed up for an Arts & Crafts Fair in Portsmouth, NH for May 2nd. I might be late for that one too so I will add them, along with the referrals that came my way, to my do list for the coming week.

Happy Birthday Yalu


Today was Yalu’s birthday. It was also the day President Lincoln died in 1865 and the same day the HMS Titanic sank in 1912.

She was born in 2000 and would have been fourteen today. That’s ninety-eight in dog years.

It is amazing how much happiness she brought with her.

I take a moment, looking at these pictures, and remember sitting Indian-style on the grass outside the Nashua, NH condo. My sister Lori and I had just brought her home and set her on the grass. This curious puppy came to sniff the camera. My reflection can be seen in her eyes.

The second photo was taken in Beaverton, OR when we flew across country to visit Lori. Yalu stayed on the bed thinking the other dogs in the house would not jump up there with her. They weren’t bad dogs, she was just terribly shy of other animals

Happy birthday, Yalu. You are always in my heart. .

First Baptist Church of Nashua, NH

First Baptist Church

At the last minute, I was added to a vender event at First Baptist Church in Nashua, New Hampshire. The table cost $30 and I managed to sell eleven books. I have paid $300 in the past for a table and sold fewer books so there are no complaints. I need to thank Pastor Maggie for helping me get added to the event and her assistance in helping me close five book sales. A few customers would have walked away without her intervention.

Met close to a dozen area vendors. They helped me develop leads on where I can sell Yalu and the Puppy Room.

I must admit a big “Duh” for not thinking of the following Google search: “Arts and crafts fairs, New Hampshire (or Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts).” I now have a to do project.

barbara ann

If there was someone with a better product than mine, at least it was editable. Barbara Ann’s Home-Made Brownie made me glad there was not a gallon of milk near me. If so, she would been out of brownies and me out of money. Yes, there was milk available and I made a point of not purchasing brownies until the event almost ended. For those interested, go to Facebook and enter: Barbara Ann’s Home – Made Brownie. She can use all the likes she can get.

Note, I have not tried the Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix with the Shrimp Alfredo. I like to make When I do, I will remember to say something nice about Tastefully Simple. Right now I can only go with what the taste buds have sampled and today’s sampling were brownies.

Hollis Flea Market

Hollis Flee Market

On Sunday April 129th, I am going to have a booth at the Hollis Flea Market. I haven’t done an event in a while and this will be my first one in New Hampshire. It will be outdoors so hopefully the snow will be melted, the wind won’t be too bad, and it will be warm spring day. There have not been too many warm spring days in New Hampshire for 2015.

Right now, there is still snow on the ground, not as much as last week or the week before, just enough to still cover the ground. The weather is warming up and it is amazing how quickly the snow can disappear in New Hampshire when spring applies itself.

Matt, one of the people who run the flea market, says the April 19th event at Silver Lake in Hollis will be the first one of the year. He told me people are tired of being cooped up indoors so attendance should be good.

This will be the first of many flea markets I plan to attend with my book Yalu and the Puppy Room. They take place all over New England. Setting up for the one in Hollis will only cost $25 for the day. As far as pricing goes, that’s not bad when compared to the $300 plus I have paid for booths at previous events that have gone bust.

I plan on reading my story explaining what it is like to be a self published writer. Since Yalu the puppy dog is no longer available for events, I will have with me her nephew, Wesley, who is also a Golden Retriever. There should be good times had by all.

Pastry Puffs


Once upon a time, there was a princess puppy who adored a product called Pastry Puffs. What are Pastry Puffs? They are without a doubt the greatest pastry item to ever come out of St. Louis, MO from a company called Taste n’ Tell. One type of Pastry Puffs has an apple-raspberry and cream filling.

When offered one of the yummy Pastry Puffs, Yalu swallowed it whole without the benefit of chewing. Her tummy did the digesting. If she forgot what the Pastry Puffs tasted like, she would lick the wrapper it came in until there was no smell left to sniff.

As she matured, Yalu preferred Pastry Puffs to conventional doggie treats. When offered the choice of a Pastry Puffs or a few Snausages, the Pastry Puffs proved the better choice—she could always get someone to give her a few Snausages later. The same could not be said for Pastry Puffs.

Since Yalu’s a princess, no one gave her the difficult choice of having to choose between a Pastry Puffs or a Frost Paws. Talk about a doggie dilemma.

Pastry Puffs were not perfect. For starters, the portions were too small and she was only offered one. The next problem was that they were on the top shelf of the pantry. How could people put something so yummy on the top shelf where a princess puppy could not reach them?

When she wanted a Pastry Puffs, Yalu would sit in front of the pantry door looking, staring at the closed door. The next problem was focusing her puppy mind control to get a people person to do her bidding. Most dogs would give up, but not Yalu. She was a determined pup who used her superior mind control powers for good, her good. Once she consumed a Pastry Puffs and licked the smell off the wrapper, all was wonderful in her world.