Meeting Yalu

Life is so much better when a pet not only chooses you, but also comes equipped with Jedi mind control powers. When our previous Golden Retriever, Chelsea, passed away, my sister and I wanted to see a variety of dogs when we traveled to the kennel in Deerfield. We specifically asked the owner if we could see dogs with a lot of energy and personality.

The first contestant was a Chocolate Lab. This little guy wanted to show us how quick he could cut corners. He sprinted around the room like a racecar and forgot about the two people who came to see him.

The Yellow Lab came next and he probably knew the Chocolate Lab because they had a grand old time playing together. Once again, two people sitting on separate couches felt forgotten.

Okay, bring out a German Shepherd. Now three dogs are having the time of their lives playing together. As for the two people on the couches, they could wait. Playtime was more important.

I knew a St. Bernard wasn’t going to work. Lori didn’t like drooling dogs and when this puppy grew up, he’d be a giant. Still, I wanted to see one so when the St. Bernard showed up, he wanted to party with the Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab, and the German Shepherd. Why not? They were all having a grand time—the people could wait.

Next came an attention starved Beagle romped right to Lori. Finally, a dog who noticed people, here was progress and the Beagle had potential. Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon strip was a Beagle. Lori loved Snoopy so the Beagle took the lead in becoming a Yates dog until he rolled over on his back and nipped away at Lori who couldn’t get her hands near him.

The Chocolate Lab decided there had to be a reason for two strangers being in the room. He decided to visit me. Being a playful little guy, he climbed up on my lap, pulled back his paw, and scratched my left arm. That was his way of saying hi.

One look at Lori told me that none of the dogs in the room stood out. I asked the owner if she would bring out a Golden Retriever.

The lady brought out a very shy Golden that she put on the floor. The pup looked at her kennelmates playing in the room and refused to join them. She eyed me and then Lori before making her move. Calmly, the Golden Retriever walked over to the couch next to my sister, avoiding the other dogs playing an intense game of tag, and tried climbing up next to Lori. Being a small pup, she couldn’t do it by herself so Lori helped her.

The dog widened her eyes and applied classic Jedi mind control. Like Obi-Wan Kenobi, she waved her paw and said, “You don’t like these dogs.”

To which Lori and I repeated with glazed eyes, “We don’t like these dogs.”

“You want a Golden Retriever.”

“We want a Golden Retriever.”

“You want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“We want the Golden Retriever sitting on the couch.”

“You will spoil the Golden Retriever and give her whatever she wants.”

To which Lori and I came out of our trances and said to the dog, “Well, duh!”

“Tell the owner you want the Golden Retriever and will take her home with you right now.”

I did.

The owner, most likely immune from Jedi mind tricks was stunned. “You said you wanted an outgoing dog. You picked the shiest one here.”

Hey, once a Golden Retriever lover, always a Golden Retriever lover.

I’m glad Yalu came with Jedi mind control powers and a whole lot of cute. She would need it for her upcoming meeting with DiMamma.


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