Modern Dog Magazine

Advertising is an undertaking that always makes me wonder if I have spent my money and time wisely. The moment I agree to something, whether it’s a booth at an event or some form of marketing, I instantly get buyer’s remorse. Taking a deep breath (how odd, I had originally typed death instead of breath), I have to look at reality.

On my own, I have generated 587 sales of Yalu and the Puppy Room by word of mouth and events I have attended. If I had done that in pre-sales or in a few days, great, forget the advertising, I can sell books all by myself. However, the 587 sales are over the past two years. Okay, I must do a better job of turning this hobby of selling books into a job that could support me.

With some funds put aside, because I refuse to go into debt selling my book, I came across a Vancouver based magazine called Modern Dog while attending Superzoo this past week at Mandalay Bay.

Touted as, “the best magazine ever” and “the lifestyle magazine for modern dogs & their companions”, at least that’s what their webpage says, and who was I to argue, the magazine’s advertising costs sounded reasonable. Modern Dog comes out quarterly and has 70,000 hard copy subscribers, along with electronic subscribers, and over 37,000 likes on their Facebook page.

I met one of the magazine’s publishers, Connie Wilson (that’s her and me in the picture) at the Modern Dog booth and we talked shop. For the next year, I will advertise with her magazine with a two inch by two inch color ad—hey, my budget’s still limited. The bank account isn’t ready for full page ads just yet. Along with the four ads, I’ll be eligible to participate in the Friday Freebie.

My current plan, pending Modern Dog staff approval, will be a coloring contest where contestants, otherwise known as kids, will go to and print out their favorite black and white picture from my website and then send in a completed parent approved entry for a chance to win an autographed book. How many books? I’m thinking ten—details to follow in the near future.

There’s also the possibility of getting an article published about Yalu and the Puppy Room. That’s up to the editorial staff, but it never hurts having an article to my credit, an interview or both. Hopefully this time around, I won’t have buyer’s remorse and I’ll end up like the commercials where people have ideas, like Suzie’s Lemonade. Someone comes along, lends a hand, and everything turns out great.


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