The Second Edition of Yalu and the Puppy Room Has Arrived in Fabulous Las Vegas

The second edition of Yalu and the Puppy Room has made its grand entry into fabulous Las Vegas via YRC Freight. Of the 2,046 printed, 1,005 arrived today. The rest will stay at the Atlas Book warehouse in Ohio where they handle the distribution for Bookmasters.

In the second edition, I cleaned up boo-boos that got past me in the first time around. How “Golden Retreiver” instead of Golden Retriever showed up on the back of the first edition’s cover still baffles me, now it’s fixed. There was my special spelling of “German Sheppard” instead of German Shepherd that received a correction. The really fun discovery came from my artist Tielman who informed me two years after the first printing that his last name was spelled, Cheaney and not Chaney. Oh the little things one learns when dealing with the details. Rather than blaming others, these oversights belong to me. It does make me wonder what new mistakes will now creep up.

The second edition has eight more new and really good pictures from Tielman. The book needed more artwork and now has a greater overall balance.

And now after all the cashier’s checks sent to Bookmasters, it’s nice looking at the final product and holding a book in my hands. Now all I have to do is go sell them and that opportunity will present itself at the upcoming Orange County Children’s Book Festival in Costa Masa, CA this Sunday.


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