Puppy Prison

DiMamma insisted upon a puppy prison for Yalu—something about teething and needing a place to send a naughty puppy for a time out. I wondered if another dog had shown up because Yalu is the last word to discribe Yalu. Anyway, the cage was supposed to be in the garage, but if the cage was in the garage, there wouldn’t be a place to park the CRV, so the cage found a home in the den.

In theory, a little brown dog, who shall remain cute, was supposed to sleep within the confines of this cage. Well she couldn’t sleep on a hard plastic floor so her bed had to go in there. There were some newspapers spread across the floor so she could catch up on her reading and a bowl of water. There was talk of putting a harmonica in there, but Yalu might do late night renditions of Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen and that’s not easy for a dog to do.

This was the place where Yalu was supposed to sleep, behind a close door, where she couldn’t get out because she didn’t have thumbs to open the cage. When everyone went to bed, it got dark. Puppy was alone and she didn’t like being alone. She was a people pup and there had to be some way of busting out of puppy prison. Oh the horror, the horror of having to spend the night alone on a comfortable doggie bed with a bowl of water at her side and newspaper to read in case she got bored. But wait! Its dark, how could she read in the dark? As a matter of fact, how could a little brown dog read at all?

There had to be a way out of the dreaded Château d’If. After some thought, Yalu, trapped within the confines of a metal mesh cage, came up with an idea. She whimpered. She cried for help. But who would help her? Who would risk the wrath of the Dimamma and rescue her from a night of loneliness? Some intrepid soul had to step forward. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy answered the call.

He heard the cries of a puppy in distress and opened her cage. Instead of making her sleep on the couch, or gasp…the garage, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy brought Yalu to the master bedroom and found a spot on the bed with him and DiMamma.


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