Getting Their Attention

If only life were simple. I have a product, in my case, a book about a dog looking for a forever home. You, the group, the school, the organization, wish to raise funds for your cause. I’m willing to donate 40% of my sales to your organization. I want to sell books, you want to raise funds.

For the past few days, I’ve been trying to get my foot in the door with people who run charities for that all important, face-to-face meeting. For one organization, the receptionist loved the book, as did people on the staff—so far, so good. The problem is that the decision maker seems to be forever busy—she went out to lunch and apparently the food was pretty good because she didn’t come back and return one of my calls.

Another group had a Friday 7:30 am meeting at a public restaurant that the group touted on their website. Hey, I think, why not attend one of their meetings and make a good impression. I show up at the restaurant at the appointed time and nobody’s there. Curiouser and curiouser thought the author.

At times, it seems I’m working with people who want money to fall into their hands, but I have to stand atop a thirty foot ladder, drop the money through a wind tunnel, and hope it lands in their open palm. Heaven forbid if the organization moves their hand to left or right to catch the money and I’m downright crazy if I think the organization will move their hand forward or backward to catch the money.

Like all good people in sales, I will try and try again, keep that eternal optimism flowing, and keep pestering these groups until I hear yes, or a definite no which means, not now.


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