A Halloween Vistor

Whenever the doorbell rang, Yalu always thought the visitor(s )had come to see her. Why else would anyone come her puppy palace other than to see her? From a dog’s point of view, nothing else made sense. Halloween always brought a lot of visitors and a win-win situation. Costumed kids got candy and Yalu got petted.

One little boy, probably five, arrived with his parents. The lad had dressed in a homemade brown dinosaur costume complete with a spiked tail. When the child arrived, Yalu did not know what to make of him. Her first instinct was to sniff and the dinosaur smelled like a little boy. Then, she romped around to check out his tail. A little boy with a tail made no sense to her so Yalu romped back to the front of the brown dinosaur and sniffed. He still smelled like a little boy. Again, she romped back and stared at his tail that wagged back and forth. What stood before her could not get any more confusing for a little brown dog.

Yalu gave me a strange look as if to say, “He has a tail, but he smells like a little boy. I’ve never seen a two legged doggie with boy scent.”

My only suggestion was for her continued investigating into the strange visitor. Why didn’t I have a camera handy? This would have been a neat video to see Yalu running around her guest trying to figure what stood before her.

The little boy loved the attention and decided he needed to step inside the puppy palace so Yalu could better inspect her new guest—there was more running and sniffing from a little brown dog who shall remain cute, and very confused. The moment ended when the parents decided their dinosaur son needed to continue trick or treating and stop confusing the Golden Retriever. As for Yalu, at least she got some petties and some exercise from her curious visitor.



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