Two Events and Two Shifts

I attended two events, a Farmer’s Market at John Vandenberg Elementary School on Friday evening in Henderson and the Vegas Valley Book Fair on Saturday morning. Normally, neither wouldn’t be too difficult, but add in two shifts at my primary casino job and life got interesting.

The John Vandenberg PTA hosted the Farmer’s Market from four to seven on Friday afternoon. I found myself in the cafeteria between a vender who sold jewelry and a face painter. Perhaps I should have learned to paint faces because this lady had quite the line and at $5 per customer, she was busy from the moment the event started to its very end. Her line did provide me the opportunity to pitch Yalu and the Puppy Room and give away bookmarks to those waiting. By the end of the evening, I sold eleven books and raised $57.75 for the school. The PTA rep only expected 15% and a $15 donation.—I provided a little more and will hopefully be coming back to the school to pitch my book directly to the kids.

From there, I went to my other job at a casino on the Strip and worked an overnight ten to six shift.

With my primary job out of the way, selling books is a hobby I’m trying to turn into a full time job, I attended the Vegas Valley Book Fair at the Fifth Street School. This was my third year attending the event and instead of being in the very back with the children’s book authors, I found myself literally out on the street, a closed off portion of the street, but out on the street, in a tent near the stage with other children’s book authors.

Next to me was the Nevada Library Association, a group of people who had visitors creating their own bookmarks with a small press on colored paper. I could handle the bookmark competition. Across from me was Spread the Word, an organization that gives out slightly used books. They did brisk business all day and put a damper on the rest of us trying to sell our books—it’s difficult to compete with people giving out free books.

Overall, I can’t complain. Instead of being in the very back, away from the main flow of people, my fellow authors and I had a chance to be up front. My problem was staying awake. An event last night, an overnight shift at my main job, and then the book fair the following morning wore me out. By one in the afternoon, I was wondering how long I could stay awake because I had another shift at my casino job coming up that evening so I had to leave the book fair two hour early and get some much needed. I sold three books at the Vegas Valley Book Fair and according to my book selling philosophy, three books is a good day.


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