Yalu and the Stinky Stink

The next book in Yalu series, along with another children’s story and two short stories recently came back from an editor who looked over a mob book I’ve written. The editor is a person named Jami Carpenter and her firm is called Red Pen Girl. Jami’s based out of Bend, Oregon and I meet her a few years ago at the Las Vegas Writing Conference at Sam’s Town. She did a great job with the mob book and I wanted follow up with these two children’s stories and short stories.

Yalu and the Stinky Stink was the main project she edited. In this book, Yalu meets a skunk. The story came out to eight pages and I probably could have saved some money by not having someone edit my work. Still, a fresh set of eyes finds errors I tend to miss.

When the complete version came back, I receive an edited version, a clean copy, and a bill. First off, I pay the bill, and then read the clean copy. Being a writer, I find myself compelled to make changes here and there. I don’t change everything or undo Jami’s work. I just find ways to improve the overall writing or I might not have liked a way she phrased something. Once I complete a read through of the clean copy, I examine the edited copy and see the changes done to my original work and any notes Jami might have added.

Over the years, I have found myself more receptive to critiques because I find myself making the silliest errors that I won’t see draft after draft. People in my writing group have heard me read Yalu and the Stinky Stink and they have offered suggestions to the pages I print out. Those without copies also offer suggestions—some of them good, some I do without.  Overall, the critiques improve my writing and improve writing is the overall goal.

Now all I have to do is get pictures from Tielman, format the book, and print it–if only those steps were that easy.



One comment on “Yalu and the Stinky Stink

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