My latest attempt at promotion is through iReach. Why iReach? Well they claim to be able to:

  • Distribute your content to the iReach syndication network of 1,000+ websites including Yahoo!
  • Post to, the newswire industry’s most trafficked website
  • Drive traffic to your website with live site preview and active links
  • Boost your message’s real-time search visibility
  • Make your content findable by search & news engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!)
  • Optimize your message with an image
  • Leverage your message to get links from authoritative websites
  • Measure visibility via PR Newswire’s ReleaseWatch™ reporting
  • Make your worn out tired old knives cut like new…Wait, I added that last one

I figure for $89, less than a tank of gas, but not by much, some extra Internet promotion can’t hurt. It would be nice to have a larger audience because sometimes I think I’m writing to myself.


2 comments on “IReach

  1. did it work? i’m thinking of using them for my travel blog but do you have to create one press release for each post? and were they charging USD$89 for one post?

    • Concerning the press release, the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook for TV and press interviews. I did find an interested blogger with a Golden Retriever angle so I will see where that leads me. Also, it was $89 for one post. If you want to add a YouTube link, I bleieve the cost would be $212.

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