Yalu has gone by many nicknames: the little yipper, cute stuff, princess puppy, kangabunark (part kangaroo, part bunny, part shark), but DiMamma probably gave her a nickname that best personified her: girlie-girl.

Yalu was never a water dog. Water was for…dogs, not her. Chelsea, her processor, loved the water and would spend hours in a plastic kid’s swimming pool. Chelsea’s motto was, have ball will play. Not Yalu. Water and retrieving never appealed to her. She was more into lounging around and displaying a very effeminate behavior in her mannerisms.

The attached picture for today’s blog does her justice. She’s playful, but in a very refined regal sort of way. Granted, she might, might, fetch a ball when someone threw it, but after coming back with this round bouncy object, the human response would be to throw it again. People throw a ball and a Golden Retriever retrieves it. That seemed to be how that how human/dog relationship worked. The second time someone would throw a ball, Yalu would give you a look as though to say, “I just brought that back, why did you throw it again? I’m not your servant, get it yourself. Now pet me, you fool!”


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