Flyers            Next week, I head off to Reedom Elementary School for a three day limited engagement. I have found that if I go to the school, read Yalu and the Puppy Room while breaking out my inner ham acting, answer the children’s questions about writing and the book industry, then give out bookmarks and the flyers, I will have better sales results. This process worked earlier this year at Lewis Weiner Elementary where I sold sixty-five books and had to endure the fortunate problem of having to stop by the school three days in a row to drop of books for late sale.

I like keeping the flyers simple and specializing them for the specific school I’ll visit. Normally, I like mentioning how I’d make a donation to the school. This time around, I’ll be discounting the book and covering the state sales tax. I haven’t tried purely discounted approach so I will be interesting to see how this sales angle will do.

A HL-3040CN color printer will print the 110 flyers for the 220 student body. This gives me two flyers per printed page. The printer rivals the monster printers one finds at Kido’s and Stables, and short of the six printer cartridges that love drinking ink, I find the cost per printed sheet more economical.


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