Day One of Three at Reedom Elementary School

I had my first of three visits to Reedom Elementary School in the southwest corner of Las Vegas. Mrs. Taylor, the librarian, set me up for a first grade and second class in the corner of her library and there were good times had by all. I read while a student worked the computer connected to a projector and moved the pictures along whenever I said the word “ding”.

The students eventually caught on to when I expected a new picture and about half way through the book, I would cup a hand to my ear and lean forward to them saying “ding” in unison.

When the story concluded, I would ask them if they liked Tielman’s illustrations and to a person they did and went into detail about what a great artist he was/is and how I can’t even draw stick people. That brought us into questions about what it’s like to be published and the publishing industry.

The big goals were giving them the bookmarks and flyers and letting them know they could purchase the book. I’ve got two more days at the school where I’ll follow the same format and expect similar good times had by all.


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