Day Three at Reedom Elementary

It’s interesting how something like Tielman’s pencil sketches look good when viewed on a computer screen, but when seen from a computer projector on a wall, they’re not so good. In fact, they’re pretty tough to see. Too many pencil lines just didn’t show up making the sketches weren’t recognizable from the computer projector. That was the only problem presentation wise.

I had another group of students and one of the special needs child having bad hair day when he couldn’t get his way. Other than that, I wrapped up the reading portion of my visit to Reedom Elementary.

Once again, my captive audience, and I’ve decided a captive audience is the best kind of audience for a writer, were first and second graders. The kids figured out when it was time to turn the page when I did my Hulk Hogan impersonation by holding out a cupped hand to my ear and leaning toward them. That got the “Ding” response and some much needed audience participation because even some kids with their heads down perked up.

After three days at Reedom Elementary, I handed out two hundred flyers and next week, there will be responses for books. There’s a December 11th request to have money in the student’s home room for Yalu and the Puppy Room in form of cash or check and I’m hoping a student who didn’t buy my book will see another student with an autographed copy and will head on home and badger the parents. It helps that it’s the Christmas season and to cover my bases, Christmas season too—and to cover my bases, Yalu and the Puppy Room makes for a great what a great gift Chanukah and Quanza and for atheists, it’s a wonderful book on self-reliance and determination. I will now pause while blog readers roll their eyes and ponder what sell out I am to commercialism, but selling books is my greater goal.

The flyers and bookmarks show the students/parents how to find my website at so my potential buyers can see the story for themselves and read it on their own over the internet or listen to me read it.

So far, I have two sales from my time at Reedom Elementary and I hope to have the problem of having to go back to the school after dropping off books on December 11th –that’s a good problem to have.


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