A Sneaky Marketing Tip

The plan is really very simple. Tomorrow is the day parents have funds sent to their children’s home room for their copies of Yalu and The Puppy Room. I’m bringing Post It notes with me so when I sign a personalized copy of the book, I put the student’s name on the Post It note and the Post It Note is stuck  on the cover.

Here is where some marketing kicks in. I visit the school, sign the books, and when those books head off to the home rooms and get passed out, other students will see this, remember that they have got to have a copy of the book, and run home to the parents and tomorrow, I have go back to Reedom Elementary School again and drop off more signed copies. This is a good problem to have and works great when the audience is local.

Is what I’m doing sneaky?


The neat part was that sending the flyers home with the kids and coming back a few days later worked very well at Louis Weiner Elementary and resulted in twelve more sales—that is the beauty of having a captive audience in a library listening to an author read.


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