Always Advertise


Whenever I eat out, I bring two copies of Yalu and the Puppy Room with me and set them on the table for people to see—restaurants work best because there would be questions if I walked through most retail stores with a book in hand. A friend and I recently ate a buffet on the Las Vegas Strip. We ended up at a heavily traveled part of the dining room.

Having the book displayed makes for a good conversation starter and when a bus lady named Minty saw one of the books, she stopped, sat down and stayed for a bit. I let her flip through the pages and explained the pictures Tielman created and how I meet Yalu.

I didn’t get a sale from her, most likely because she was in the middle of her shift and the world around her retired attention—with plates, glasses, and silverware to pick up from people already eating and heading back for more food and the need to prep empty tables for the next set of guest being her main priority, I figured a sale wasn’t going to happen here.

I did give her a bookmark and we had a nice conversation about our pets—she has five Norwegian cats and carried their pictures in a Hello Kitty wallet.

When you’re self-published, the lesson is always have a book handy. When I’ve gone into a car dealership to have an extra key for my car made, I made a sale from a fellow next to me. I’ve made a sale at a Jiffy Lube while getting the oil changed. Does carrying a book with you always work? No, but why lose out on a sale?



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