How To Play Zoom.


Zoom was a game I loved to play with Yalu. How do you play Zoom? What a great question. All you need is a puppy dog, a back yard, and people paws. Start by using two hands to pet the puppy on the tummy and sides—all that petting gets a puppy’s energy level up to critical mass. Once at critical mass (you’ll know you’re there becasue the puppy can’t wait to stand), step back, and watch the puppy take off.

It’s best if you are in the center of the yard so when the puppy runs by, that way, you get the full Zoom effect. Oh, and you have to say “Zoom” whenever the puppy passes in one direction, turn and say, “Zoom” again when the puppy runs by you again–just keep saying, “Zoom”. If you’re really good, try and touch the dog when she runs past you and if the dog is good, she’ll get close enough where you might be able to touch her, but not quite.

What does Zoom do? Well, in fifteen to twenty minutes, it wears out most puppy dogs with a minimum exertion on your part and will make for one sound night of sleep for your dog–Zoom is also known to work on young children who have problems going to sleep.




The Mystery Of The Cold Puppy Tummy

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When I lived in Nashua, NH, there were air conditioning vents on the floor so when it got hot in the summer; it was usually a good idea to run the A/C. Why sit in a hot house? There would be times when my parents, my sister Lori, and I would be sitting in the den room and it would still be hot despite the air conditioning running.

When a certain brown down, who shall remain forever cute, wasn’t around, we’d call her and she’s come running from the dining room for her petties. In ten minutes, the living room felt cooler. Hum? When it’s hot and Yalu’s nowhere to seen, the room is warm. Call the dog and a few minutes later the room feels much cooler.

Then there was also the strange occurrence of once we called Yalu and her petting session commence, her tummy would feel be very cold. Did she eat a lot of ice cubes? Maybe she found a bag of ice to sit on. Hum?

The mystery deepened. How could a long haired Golden Retriever covered with fur stay cool on a hot summer day inside the house? Then, when the petties ended, why was it when Yalu disappeared, about a half hour later the house felt warm again? These are just big mysteries of the universe like Stonehenge, UFOs, the Lock Ness Monster, and Big Foot.