OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMt. St. Helens_0023And now, for a Honey-Honey story about Yalu. Honey-Honey, AKA Lori, had many good times with Yalu. One of her favorite games with Princess Puppy was called Peek-A-Woo. It’s a very simple and fulfilling game involving a puppy, a people person(s), and a blanket.

How does one play Peek-A-Woo? Get one puppy, a cute brown golden retriever is preferred, but most puppies will play along, a people (more than one people can play Peek-A-Woo), and a blanket of which you only need one. Cover the blanket over the puppy for a few seconds, pull it back, and say, “Peek-A” and Yalu would always respond “Woo-woo-woo.” Repeat the blanket covering the dog again and again until the puppy’s tail stops waging, which could take a very long time.

How did Lori know that Yalu was having a good time and not just putting up with silly people tricks when playing Peek-A-Woo? There was always a happy face when the blanket came off Yalu’s head and huge puppy smile which are the best kinds of smiles.


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