A Moment With Destiny

Earlier this week, I was in a waiting room where I had the pleasure of meeting Destiny. She was about seven or eight and quite bored in having to wait for her dad. She explored the reception area and happened to end up next to me. I stopped reading the book I had brought with me and I fluttered my fingers at her. That sparked a big old smile from my visitor.

Right off the bat, I realized old Destiny needed not only a gift, but a surprise so I gave her my Yalu bookmark. Like all kids, she loved the three strings I had looped through a hole at the top of the bookmark and asked about the doggie in the picture.

“Why that’s Yalu.”

“Yellow,” was her response.

“No, Yalu, it’s a name you can howl. Try it.”

She did and a few people nearby looked our way.

I told her Yalu was the main character in a book I had written.

Shame on me for not having a book handy, but I did have internet reception so I showed Destiny my webpage, www.yaluthepuppydog.com (hey, gotta plug the webpage and book whenever possible) and brought up the audio version of me reading Yalu and the Puppy Room.

For eight minutes and fifty-eight seconds, I entertained a bored little girl with a story. Made me wonder if that’s how Hans Christian Anderson spent his days in Denmark. Well, that’s how Danny Kaye seemed to have portrayed the storyteller in the 1952 movie and like the great story teller, I too entertained someone with a tale near and dear to me.


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