Best In Show

 Best In Show

This past weekend was the Best in Show sponsored by the Animal Foundation of Las Vegas. Saturday was the Best in Show Campus Adoption Day and Vendor Fair at the shelter located on 655 N. Mojave Road in Las Vegas. The event went from 11 am to 4 pm.

Saturday’s event was outside and did I bring a tent? No. Did I bring a cap? No. Was it hot? Yep. What I did bring was plenty of ice water in a large jug that promptly melted (the ice, not the jug) during the course of the day—I did find more water. I also brought sun block and applied it four times to my exposed skin. My sister Lori would be so proud because I didn’t turn into a lobster. On Saturday, I met some venders, traded ideas, and sold three books. I also meet a few of the four legged stars of the show such as Lux, a very friendly one year old male Labrador Retriever.

Sunday was Best in Show at the Orleans Arena. It was inside and the air conditioning at the Orleans worked. I met more venders, got more ideas, and sold seven books for a total of ten over the weekend.

I smile because ten books were better than no books and I will withhold comment on what I paid for the booth because after all, it was for a good cause. What I wanted to do was read before the crowd and have the pictures of my book show up on the large widescreen television sets. That didn’t turn out to be possible.

Thirty-one abandoned dogs, including Lux, did found a home by the time the show ended. More than enough people bid for a pet or an item and for the first time in a long time, all the dogs present were the center of attention, and most now have new lives with families eager to pour out their love.


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