Alright, I’ll come out and admit I’m a big old ham whenever I read Yalu and the Puppy Room. There, it’s out the open for the world to see. The problem is that I just can’t stand before a group of people be they kids, adults, or a combination of both and ramble through my book with a bland voice—not when there’s a chance to show off.

Whenever I get the chance to read to a group of students, I would sit a child in front of my computer or the teacher’s computer that would have my PowerPoint pictures of the book at the ready. Just before starting, I would tell the person in the captain’s seat, “When you hear the word ‘Ding’, press the enter button.”

Usually, I’d get an odd look, nothing new there, and would start reading the story. At the right moment, I would say, “Ding!” because I needed a new slid and after all, that was the signal to press the enter button.

After a few dings, my audience would catch on and would start saying “ding”. There’s nothing better than a classroom full of five year olds saying “ding” at once. Even the older kids taking that all important powernap would raise their heads. Now I had to make sure my audience would say, “Ding” at the right moment—I didn’t want the “Ding” to come too early or too late. At the right moment, I’d cup a hand to my ear and do my Hulk Hogan impersonation for the upcoming “Ding”. Yep, that worked. When I ran out words, I’d slap the book shut, await my applause, and take my hammy bow ending the reading portion of the show.


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