Pastry Puffs


Once upon a time, there was a princess puppy who adored a product called Pastry Puffs. What are Pastry Puffs? They are without a doubt the greatest pastry item to ever come out of St. Louis, MO from a company called Taste n’ Tell. One type of Pastry Puffs has an apple-raspberry and cream filling.

When offered one of the yummy Pastry Puffs, Yalu swallowed it whole without the benefit of chewing. Her tummy did the digesting. If she forgot what the Pastry Puffs tasted like, she would lick the wrapper it came in until there was no smell left to sniff.

As she matured, Yalu preferred Pastry Puffs to conventional doggie treats. When offered the choice of a Pastry Puffs or a few Snausages, the Pastry Puffs proved the better choice—she could always get someone to give her a few Snausages later. The same could not be said for Pastry Puffs.

Since Yalu’s a princess, no one gave her the difficult choice of having to choose between a Pastry Puffs or a Frost Paws. Talk about a doggie dilemma.

Pastry Puffs were not perfect. For starters, the portions were too small and she was only offered one. The next problem was that they were on the top shelf of the pantry. How could people put something so yummy on the top shelf where a princess puppy could not reach them?

When she wanted a Pastry Puffs, Yalu would sit in front of the pantry door looking, staring at the closed door. The next problem was focusing her puppy mind control to get a people person to do her bidding. Most dogs would give up, but not Yalu. She was a determined pup who used her superior mind control powers for good, her good. Once she consumed a Pastry Puffs and licked the smell off the wrapper, all was wonderful in her world.


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