Hollis Flea Market

Hollis Flee Market

On Sunday April 129th, I am going to have a booth at the Hollis Flea Market. I haven’t done an event in a while and this will be my first one in New Hampshire. It will be outdoors so hopefully the snow will be melted, the wind won’t be too bad, and it will be warm spring day. There have not been too many warm spring days in New Hampshire for 2015.

Right now, there is still snow on the ground, not as much as last week or the week before, just enough to still cover the ground. The weather is warming up and it is amazing how quickly the snow can disappear in New Hampshire when spring applies itself.

Matt, one of the people who run the flea market, says the April 19th event at Silver Lake in Hollis will be the first one of the year. He told me people are tired of being cooped up indoors so attendance should be good.

This will be the first of many flea markets I plan to attend with my book Yalu and the Puppy Room. They take place all over New England. Setting up for the one in Hollis will only cost $25 for the day. As far as pricing goes, that’s not bad when compared to the $300 plus I have paid for booths at previous events that have gone bust.

I plan on reading my story explaining what it is like to be a self published writer. Since Yalu the puppy dog is no longer available for events, I will have with me her nephew, Wesley, who is also a Golden Retriever. There should be good times had by all.


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