First Baptist Church of Nashua, NH

First Baptist Church

At the last minute, I was added to a vender event at First Baptist Church in Nashua, New Hampshire. The table cost $30 and I managed to sell eleven books. I have paid $300 in the past for a table and sold fewer books so there are no complaints. I need to thank Pastor Maggie for helping me get added to the event and her assistance in helping me close five book sales. A few customers would have walked away without her intervention.

Met close to a dozen area vendors. They helped me develop leads on where I can sell Yalu and the Puppy Room.

I must admit a big “Duh” for not thinking of the following Google search: “Arts and crafts fairs, New Hampshire (or Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts).” I now have a to do project.

barbara ann

If there was someone with a better product than mine, at least it was editable. Barbara Ann’s Home-Made Brownie made me glad there was not a gallon of milk near me. If so, she would been out of brownies and me out of money. Yes, there was milk available and I made a point of not purchasing brownies until the event almost ended. For those interested, go to Facebook and enter: Barbara Ann’s Home – Made Brownie. She can use all the likes she can get.

Note, I have not tried the Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix with the Shrimp Alfredo. I like to make When I do, I will remember to say something nice about Tastefully Simple. Right now I can only go with what the taste buds have sampled and today’s sampling were brownies.


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