New Hampshire Flea Markets

salem flea marketHollis Flea Market 2

            I attended two different flea markets over the weekend; one in Salem, NH and the other in Hollis, NH. These were my first sets of flea markets for Yalu and the Puppy Room.  Both offered different results.

For Saturday, I was in Salem, NH. My assigned area was outside next to the main building. I kept waiting for the sun to  creep across the street because it was a little cold. Glad I dressed in layers. By ten in the morning, I had sunshine and no sunscreen or a tent. The weather was cool and by the end of the day, I only a little red across my face and neck.

What I did not like about my location was that it was a traffic area. Cars and people intermixed and made it a little dangerous for people on foot. If I ran the event, I would have had vender parking in the back and the road closed off.

Across the street from me were two different venders selling shoes. Another fellow sold used power equipment.  There were also tires and ladders for sale. Someone had electric keyboards nearby because at least three people passed my table with them. Next to me, a lady selling smart phone accessories had steady sales throughout the day.

As for me, I put on my happy face and broke out the routine—the routine is focusing on the artwork and giving the short version of how I came to know Yalu. I sold six books. Six was better than five, not as good as seven.

On Sunday, I found myself at the opening day of the Hollis Flea Market. There were cars in the area where I set up my table. They belonged to venders and they were parked behind the vender tables. When the sun broke past the single tree offering me shade, I wondered why I did not stop at Wal-Mart on sunscreen—one would think I would have learned that lesson from yesterday. I ended up with a pretty good case of sunburn. Thank you to the lady who gave me a sunscreen sampler!

My Sunday sales started out slow. The early bird shoppers were there to find the rare deals and apparently, Yalu and the Puppy Room was not that rare of a deal. I did my sales pitch and spoke to people slowing down to look at my display. Sometime after nine, I started making a steady series of sales for a total of seventeen books for the day.

Alright, seventeen book sales are better than six books sales. I would have been more than happy to sell eighteen books so I can say, “My sales in Hollis were three times better than Salem.” Twenty-three books for the weekend and some good referrals worked for me.

When I was not selling books, I helped out the venders to the left and right of me. One was an antique dealer. She wanted to sell a rocking chair for $30. The prospective buyer only wanted to pay $25. I have the prospective buyer $5 and told him to pay the antique lady $30. He did and a rocking chair received a new owner. I then sold that rocking chair owner a book.

The vender on my left sold a variety of items. I kept trying to help sell a Jackie Kennedy type Barbie with her accessories without success.

Next Saturday, I am hoping to have a booth at the 5K Brave Run/Walk and Dog Walk that will be in Nashua, NH. I might be a little late for that event. I will have to call and make inquiries. As for Sunday, I may look at the Londonderry Flea Market or one in Rowley, MA just so I can have a different audience.

I have also signed up for an Arts & Crafts Fair in Portsmouth, NH for May 2nd. I might be late for that one too so I will add them, along with the referrals that came my way, to my do list for the coming week.


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