5K Brave Run/Walk and Dog Walk and the Rowley, MA Flea Market

Dog RaceRowley MA flea market

     On Saturday, I attended the 5W Brave Run/Walk and Dog Walk in Nashua, NH. It was a nice day for a run and walk near Stellos Stadium. Plenty of puppies, all dogs are puppies to me, attended with their parents.

     My booth was next to the DJ so doing my pitch was a little more difficult than usual. I managed to sell four books. It was a day when people came to run the 5K race or walk their puppies than purchase books. I had a chance to pet more than a few dogs, including three Golden Retrievers.

     I promised $99 for the booth and 40% of my book sales. That comes to $123 that will be donated to Tails for Freedom that helps pet owners pay veterinarian expenses.

     Tails for Freedom is run by the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop in Nashua. When I present my $123 donation, I will ask the owners if I can set up my table at places such as Petco and PetSmart to collect future donations.

     I spent Sunday at the Rowley, MA flea market. They opened at 5 am. At that time, I was sound asleep in Nashua believing the people I would sell books to were asleep as well. I arrived at 7:30 and set up.

     The weather was cold when the clouds filled the sky and for most of the day, it seemed ready to rain. When the sun did come out for a limited time, there was the potential for a nice spring day. I had some nice traffic and sold nine books during the course of the day.

     A fellow vender named Derrick enlightened me on Sunday flea market traffic patterns. More people arrive when parishioners get out of church—that explained my surge in sales last Sunday. According to Derrick, if the weather is warm and nice, families head to the flea markets when they get out of church. He and I agreed that if the weather is bad, families head to Denny’s.\

     It’s interesting what people sell at flea markets. Derrick likes to bid for storage units. One of the items he managed to sell was a green mini motorcycle.

     Next week, I will look into setting up a booth at the Londonderry, NH flea market. They want venders to have a reservation before showing up. So far, the weather will be partly cloudy and in the 70’s.


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