A Good Day For Errands

Staff photo by DON HIMSEL Nashua Community College is 40 years old this year.lucky dog thrift storepreppy pet

I had a chance to run some errands today. After getting a cashier check for $123, my first stop was the Nashua Community College. There, I met with Amy Vazifdar. She ran the Tails for Freedom donation drive for the 5K Brave Run/Dog Walk that happened last Saturday. The college will match 50% of my $123 check. That means a $184.50 donation will go to Tails for Freedom.

My next stop was the Lucky Dog Thrift Shop in Nashua, NH. Susan McMullen did not have a chance to attend the 5K Brave Run/Dog Walk last weekend—someone had to watch the store. She did have a chance to read Yalu and the Puppy Room. My story touched her.

I left her twenty signed copies of my book that she now has on consignment. Forty percent of the sales will go to Tails for Freedom, a charity her business runs. Footnote: Tails for Freedom helps pet owners pay veterinarian bills.

Susan was also interested in getting my book into the veterinarian offices that work with her charity. Any assistance I can get promoting my product can only help my overall marketing plan. It is nice selling books and helping a charity at the same time.

Another source of support was Susan granting me permission to represent Tails for Freedom outside stores such as Petco, PetSmart, Wal-Mart, BJ’s, and Costco. All I have to do is get a small sign for Tails for Freedom and then permission to set up a table with the above listed stores. For me, it helps being able to go before these large box businesses and say proceeds from my book sales will go to a charity like Tails for Freedom.

My next stop was Preppy Pets in Fitchburg, MA where I had the chance to say hello to one of the owners, Diane Miller. Two weeks ago, I sold a book to her sister Susan. Diane agreed to take five of my books on consignment and a stack of my business cards. Both will be displayed in her store.

When Diane learned I was a self published writer, she refused the forty percent per book sale price I offered. That was nice of her. She manages a doggie day care, spa, and boarding house for pets. A steady clientele comes into her store. It would be nice to be able to convince her to accept forty percent after a multitude of sales in her store.


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