The Londonderry Flea Market

The weather was the warmest it had been all year in New Hampshire, but not too hot make people uncomfortable. The sun was out, it was nice at my Londonderry, NH Flea Market booth. It was the last day of spring break for the public schools in New Hampshire and I managed to sell five books. I expected more people at the flea market and more sales like I had in Hollis, NH two weeks ago. I will accept what was given to me.

Not quite sure where I will be next weekend. After selling nine books at an Arts & Crafts fair in Portsmouth, NH on Saturday, I want to look into seeing if large box stores like Wal-Mart, Petco, PetSmart, Costco”s, or BJ’s will let me sell Yalu and the Puppy Room outside their doors. With 40% of the donations going for Tails for Freedom, I do not feel guilty in asking.

Right now, it is scheduled to rain next weekend so I will see how the weather develops. I will also check with the Tails for Freedom people to see what they may have set up.


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