I have tried a marketing company called web.com for the past few weeks to help me sell books. They set up a Facebook business page and have attracted fellow Facebook members to the page. The service I paid for also had postings submitted from web.com. They were nice and I got some ideas from the ads I’ve seen.

I have added my own postings and set up special offers for the book.

In the limited time I worked with web.com, I had ninety-eight people like the page. Liking my Facebook page Little Brown Dog was nice. Likes are different than sales. People see the page, press the like button and move on their lives. Sigh.

There has to be a way for a self published author to sell books on line. I simply have not discovered how to do it. I have increased the sale of my book to 30% off and directed people to www.yaluthepuppydog.com. Perhaps that will help. Time will tell.

I am not upset about this experience. I am sure web.com works with their customer base. Edison did not invent the light bulb with his first try. I just do not want to try as much as he did before finding success.


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