Yalu has gone by many nicknames: the little yipper, cute stuff, princess puppy, kangabunark (part kangaroo, part bunny, part shark), but DiMamma probably gave her a nickname that best personified her: girlie-girl.

Yalu was never a water dog. Water was for…dogs, not her. Chelsea, her processor, loved the water and would spend hours in a plastic kid’s swimming pool. Chelsea’s motto was, have ball will play. Not Yalu. Water and retrieving never appealed to her. She was more into lounging around and displaying a very effeminate behavior in her mannerisms.

The attached picture for today’s blog does her justice. She’s playful, but in a very refined regal sort of way. Granted, she might, might, fetch a ball when someone threw it, but after coming back with this round bouncy object, the human response would be to throw it again. People throw a ball and a Golden Retriever retrieves it. That seemed to be how that how human/dog relationship worked. The second time someone would throw a ball, Yalu would give you a look as though to say, “I just brought that back, why did you throw it again? I’m not your servant, get it yourself. Now pet me, you fool!”

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What Unconditional Love Requires

The world is always brighter

They ask for so little other than food, petties, car rides, treats, ball, a spot on the bed to sleep, a comfortable couch, a few potty trips, walkies, and attention from people they meet.

They offer unconditional love, protection from monsters, and plate cleaning services.


Book cover 2

I have reposed Yalu And The Puppy Room on my e-Bay site. It was once there and now will stay there after I listed it under the good til canceled instead of thirty days.

I have picked up some e-Bay marketing tips such as posting pictures and have uploaded a few of them from the book that should eye catching. I’ve also added a few more search boxes such as dog, picture book, and Golden Retriever. All the     e-commerce videos I have watched have come in handy.

The book is for sale there for $15. I’ll even sign it and I offer a super-duper secret gift–don’t tell anyone that it’s the bookmark. Sssshhhh! I am offering free shipping. Everything on e-bay is supposed to have free shipping. Now all I need are a million-zillion people to find the book and buy it.

What Not To Do


Sometimes, it’s good to know what not to do before you do it. An email came my way about a marketing blunder someone once did and something too many people still do. At the time, it seemed like a good idea.

 This person decided to print up 2,000 business cards, walk around parking lots, and place one on the windshield of every car he saw—people can even be hired to do this.

 Having lived in Las Vegas for a number of years, I have seen business cards and print out flyers on my car. I also noticed a great many of those business cards and flyers floating across the parking lot from car owners discarding them—the absolute worst thing that could happen was when it rained and the flyer or business card became part of the windshield.

Thankfully, I have never done that. The thought has crossed my mind and when it does, that is when I would see a business card or flyer attached to my car.

Thank goodness for blogging and the Internet. It is a more environmentally sound way to spread the word about something and if you do not like it, just click to something else.

Let The Dog Do It


Golden Retrievers are supposed to be very smart dogs. I am in need of someone smart to handle my book marketing because today’s visit to the Shrewsbury, MA Flea Market brought me two sales for the day. After paying for my spot, I made $10 for the day.

I need to start looking for book fairs and other methods of selling Yalu and the Puppy Room. Something will come to me, what, I do not know, but something will come to me. I am open to idea. Perhaps for a few Snausages, the expert at the computer could help me out.

New Website

new website

Just uploaded a new website for and I like the final product. The original website was created in WordPress and by someone else. I was not able to get WordPress working when it came to website designing and I did not like any of the free preset templates I happened across. I will learn WordPress. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to create websites with it. What I wanted to do was update, well rearrange its look and feel.

Rather than fighting WordPress or other free website templates I saw on line, I ended up buying WebSite Creator. It was on a discount rack at Staples for $15 and I had and easy time using the program.

The only item was not able to set up as of yet were puzzles. That is still a work in progress that I will figure out. Otherwise, I like the new website. There are links to two blogs I write, an easier way to buy the book–I had that feature buried on the old website. Plus, there is a coloring section that connects to a gallery and a simpler way of contacting me.