Special Puppy Protection


                I am glad that I had a big brave Golden Retriever like Wesley. During the Fourth of July weekend, he protected me from being scared when fireworks exploded.

Whenever there were any boom-boom-boom, and did I mention BOOM sounds from fireworks, Wesley came to my room and wanted to make sure I was not scared. He performed a stakeout right under my feet just in case any loud noises left me uneasy.

Yalu had that same sort of alertness and concerns when it came to fireworks or lightening, or loud noises. She stayed close to me just in case I got scared because fireworks can be very scary. There were no advanced notice of when one or many would go off and it takes a brave dog to reassure their people that there is nothing to fear. Like Yalu, Wesley offered his fury protection services that were greatly needed—particularly when it got darker and there were more boom-boom sounds outside.

A little know fact that Yalu and Wesley had in common was that both were able to absorb any scared feelings I had when I petted them. The shaking hands I should have had when the fireworks went off did not shake. Instead, their bodies absorbed all the scared feelings I might have had. Both dogs went out of their way to be scared for me. Few dogs would go out of their way to provide the special protection I received over the Fourth of July weekend so I consider myself lucky.


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