New Website

new website

Just uploaded a new website for and I like the final product. The original website was created in WordPress and by someone else. I was not able to get WordPress working when it came to website designing and I did not like any of the free preset templates I happened across. I will learn WordPress. There are plenty of YouTube videos on how to create websites with it. What I wanted to do was update, well rearrange its look and feel.

Rather than fighting WordPress or other free website templates I saw on line, I ended up buying WebSite Creator. It was on a discount rack at Staples for $15 and I had and easy time using the program.

The only item was not able to set up as of yet were puzzles. That is still a work in progress that I will figure out. Otherwise, I like the new website. There are links to two blogs I write, an easier way to buy the book–I had that feature buried on the old website. Plus, there is a coloring section that connects to a gallery and a simpler way of contacting me.


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