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Meet Sue.

She is the owner of the Royal Puppy Club—you would not know that unless you looked at Yalu’s pedigree certificate that listed her royal lineage.

Sue plays a central part of the story. As the kennel’s owner, it is her job to raise, feed, care for, and find forever homes for the puppies under her care. Since the book is written from the point of view of the dog and the dog does not receive a name until the end of the story, Sue calls her Little One and probably calls all the dogs Little One. It was not until recently that I realized unless came for a visit, Sue will never know the true name of Little One. Might have to write a story about Sue and Yalu reuniting.

There are people who look at my book and think Sue runs an animal shelter. Oookay sure. If potential customers think Sue runs an animal shelter and that helps sells a book, then she runs an animal shelter. For me, she breeds dogs for a living. I do not believe the Royal Puppy Club is a poorly managed puppy factory, but that is my point of view and I tend to have an optimistic nature when it comes to society. Besides, Sue does not come off as mean.

Sue is the person everyone needs at some point in the life. She offers a spark of hope that things will get better. She is the one who will tap your shoulder and tell you to perk up. I think of her as a mentor who is at the right place at the right time for someone in dire need.

Sue and Yalu

There is a moment in the story when Sue and the dog have a victory celebration. Little One has found a family because of Sue’s advice in getting her to stand out from the crowd. I almost wanted to have Sue whisper, “You did it, girl.”

Hopefully, the “you did it girl” is implied. If ii is not, then you have a special Cliff Note to bring up in your Yates 301 literature class–hey, I intend to be an upper level college course.

Come see the wonderful world of Sue at my website. All you have to do is click here.


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