Thank You


For everyone who has read my blogs about Yalu and liked the page, thank you for gracing me with your time.

Being a self published author means I am in charge of everything. I would love to say it was easy writing the story, getting the pictures, putting it into a book format, printing hard copies, and selling them. It’s not. Oddly enough, doing all those previous steps were just the beginning.

The real challenge is marketing on a limited budget. Thank goodness for being able to advertise with Facebook. I have worked with a few marketing groups who promise the world and deliver little. What I have seen done for me were steps I could take myself for much less than what these marketers charged me.

Regardless, I know I have a good story about a dog who did not give up. She took it upon herself to choose her parents and make what she wanted, finding a forever home, happen.

On my website, yaluthepuppydog,com you can read the story or listen to me read it to you. The is book is available at a 30% discount when you enter the code: Yalu

Once again, thank you for taking out of your day to look at blogs about dog named Yalu who refused to take no for an answer.


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