Napping With Squeaks The Tan Dog


Sometimes, a puppy just needs to take a nap with Squeaks the tan dog. On long rides when the windows have to stay up, there few things a puppy can do. With four people hogging the other seats, there were plenty of opportunities for petties. After a while, even that becomes tiring.

There comes a time when a puppy needs her beauty rest and sleeping on someone’s lap and resting a chin against another person’s knees does fulfill a puppy’s beauty rest requirements.

The last comfortable place for Yalu to take a nap after an exhausting day out was the very back of the car. Since she did not like sleeping alone, she had Squeaks to keep her company.

Squeaks was the toy of choice for car rides. That was the toy she would grab from her toy box and bring with her for car rides. There were other joys for other occasions.


They did make a good pair. Their fur and noses matched and Squeaks was great to cuddle with and to hold close.

The neat part about getting in her beauty rest after a long car ride was that Yalu was ready for more adventures. Walkies, play, you name it and she was up for it.

Find out how this cute brown dog chose me and my sister and found her forever home by clicking here.


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