Rietta Flea Market


It was an alright day at the Rietta Flea Market in Hubbardston, MA. Instead of arriving at four in the morning and waiting until six to access the grounds, I got there at six, waited twenty minutes, and entered with a caravan of other vendors.

The tables marked with “Reserved” signs were obviously saved for someone else. Those were near the entrance. Still, the flea market was a big open field. For $30, I found a shady space to set up and missed out on getting a sunburn. Provided I held up my arm and stuck out a leg a few feet away from my table, I was able to do credit card card sales on my smartphone after a few failed attempts.

For the day I sold six books–could have been better. That will always be my response even if I sell 1,000 books in a day. Some people  left with the promise of coming back. I have stopped holding my breath and waiting from them to return. Others asked if I would be at Rietta next weekend. I will.

With only one book to sell along with a few other items that I drop ship, it is not worth me going to the same flea market time after time. It is best to go once, perhaps twice, and then find another place. There is no rule against going back to other flea markets I have visited in the past. I simply need more product to take with me.

Perhaps next week, I will arrive at Hubbardston before six in the morning and find a space much closer to the entrance with better reception for my smartphone.

There is a better and much easier way for me to make a living selling books. By doing something very simple, you, kind reader, can save me from getting up before down. One simple purchase from you will allow me to sleep in. All you have to do is click here.


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