Yes, Virginia, There Are Two Versions Of WordPress

download 2

The big discovery this week that there were two flavors of WordPress. There is a which I have been using for my blogs and a which allows plug-ins and website development.

Until this great discovery occurred, I had been flummoxed as to why I could not use plug-ins or build websites on the side of the world. There had to be a simple reason why the fellow who built my original website could do so and why I was stuck. He said he created the website on WordPress. There was no mention of it being

I know people who use WordPress for their websites. There are plenty of videos on about how great WordPress is for building fantastic websites. Meanwhile, I have no idea of how everyone’s enjoying the benefits of WordPress(.org). It would have been nice to know what I learned this week a couple of years ago. Now I know.

Another neat trick I managed to accomplish was exporting all my previous Yalu blogs from the .com side of WordPress and successfully imported them to the .org side of the web. It was nice seeing something to do with WordPress happen without a hitch.

There is still much to learn about building websites with I have downloaded the work done on my original website and have it on my desktop. With some learning and rearranging, I should be able to reload it and perhaps, perhaps, have the puzzle feature working.

My next project is to learn a new plug-in I have recently purchased. By posting a few key terms such as Golden Retriever, forever home, self published author, and children’s book should yield people on Facebook interested in such subjects. When I master this new project, I will post about it.

Meanwhile, there are still books to sell while I continue my learning. So, to find out how a guy like me met a cute fuzzy dog that I named Yalu, click here.


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