The Motorcycle Poker Run At RPM Motorcycle Services In Nashua, NH.

IMG_2880 IMG_2881

There are times when I attend events that I know will not be successful. This past weekend proved to be one of them.

Tails for Freedom hosted a hosting a Motorcycle Poker Run at RPM Motorcycle Services in Nashua, NH. They wanted to have me as a vendor. I was available so why not. If all went well, people were supposed to attend a silent auction and mingle with vendors. Turned out I was the sole vendor outside vendor of the group. Great, that made for more customers for me, provided customers showed up.

The next problem was the size of the event. The parking lot at RPM Motorcycle Service was small. Personally, I would have asked the management at Wal-Mart in Amherst if their parking lot could be used. Last weekend, there was an antique car show there so something could have happened. You can like Wal-Mart or hate them. No matter where you stand, their stores do draw crowds on the weekend.

The highlight of the Motorcycle Poker Run was the arrival of seven motorcyclists. They stayed for a bit, had some free pizza, and left.

I did sell two books for a lady heading to a baby shower. I got plenty of sun, did plenty of reading, and I had my share of free pizza in the four hours I spent there.

There will be a breakout event for me. I do not know where or when it will happen, but I hold on to the belief that if keep plugging away, Yalu and the Puppy Room will take off.

Are you willing to help in a quest for literary fame? For those of you who are, click here.


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