Making An E-Book–Part I

Book cover 2

While putting the finishing touches on a novel that I planned on publishing in an e-book format, it occurred to me that the same process could be done for Yalu and the Puppy Room. 

This gave me a chance to make sure that each page of the book had a picture–that was a criticism when I entered the Yalu and the Puppy Room in a Writer’s Digest contest. Not all pages had a picture. Condensing the book into the format I wanted required some time. After a few false starts, I decided that there was no need to use the column feature in Word or any fancy template. Just move everything around until it was the way I liked it.

The next step will be putting the document in a .pfd format and then its on to the Kindle Textbook Creator that is free downloadable program with Amazon. I am in the middle of this process and thought I should post a quick part one blog.

This could be the marketing moment I have wanted to get Yalu and The Puppy Room read by more people worldwide. My thought has always been that children will want to hold a physical book in their hands while adults would prefer electronic books that would be easy to store–time to join the 21st Century and get with the times.

An e-book can go to anyone anywhere around the world with a few simple clicks. They take up less space than the real books too. I still need to research how much to charge so I will look up e-books on Amazon and Kindle and see what price range sounds best.

For those of you who still like reading books printed on paper, there is still a chance to get a hardcover copy of Yalu and the Puppy Room. All you have to do is click here.


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