My Artist Is Still My Artist


I managed to get a draft of Yalu And The Stinky Stink set up as a twenty-three page chapter book that will include the book cover. There will be a picture on each page and there is a balance of words on the page to the pictures.

My artist Tielman Cheaney has agreed to do the artwork. In fact, he was happy to receive email from someone eager to send him money. The cost will be $100 a picture for total of $2,300. I pay him half now and half when the project is completed. He asked for pictures of Yalu that I have sent to him. He will start out with sketches that will be sent to me for approval.

The goal is to have the book ready for the Christmas season. Tielman believes a completion date of Thanksgiving is very possible. If all really goes well, perhaps by Halloween.The good news is that I can set it up electronically within twenty-four hours.

I like today’s picture of Yalu. She was in a happy silly face phase when she posed for me.

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