An Update From My Artist Tielman

The house

Tielman has emailed. The pictures are coming along. He liked the fact that Yalu will still be a puppy for the second book.That will make her easier to draw. Everything is still in the sketching phase. Doing that allows him to get a better idea of what the final pictures will look like.

I am in no rush. Tielman has the ideas of what I want for each picture and like artists throughout time, he has the ability to produce amazing art work. Today’s picture from Yalu And The Puppy Room is a perfect example. I asked Tielman if he could draw me a picture of Yalu seeing the house from the car for the first time. He asked if the house was one level or two. I answered two. What color was the house? Red. Did I want some tries and perhaps I garden? Sure. That was all I told him. The above picture was what he produced.

Like artists throughout time, Tielman can reach into someone’s mind, take that idea they have for a picture they want and produced something extraordinary.Thank goodness he uses his powers for good!

There is a great e-book filled with the wonderful artwork Tielman has done for me. When you are ready to be amazed, and yes, you will be amazed, click here.


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