Yalu And Her Stick



I have always liked this picture of Yalu. It’s one of her first photos when she had no idea what a camera was. Her main goals were being a puppy and exploring the strange new land outside of her kennel.

She was very proud of the stick she found all by herself and wanted to show she could carry it on her own.

This was one of the pictures I sent along to Tielman to draw. On the right was what he finalized for Yalu And The Puppy Room.

Tielman was able to capture the same sense of innocence and discovery from the above photograph and created one of many a wonderful drawings. In both pictures, Yalu has those big floppy ears that she would grow into and a long tail that seemed to be better off sticking up in the air.

You can see more pictures that came from the very creative hand of Tielman by following the below link to Amazon. It’s nice that a good many people like this page on Facebook. Likes are nice. Selling e-books is better. Prepare yourself to read a heart warming story. You, kind reader, can purchase an e-book copy of Yalu And The Puppy Room by clicking here.


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