It’s interesting taking a dog with cynophobia for a walk. What is cynophobia? Why it’s a fear of dogs. I’ve always found it ironic that a dog would be afraid of other dogs, but Yalu was always timid around any breed of dog big or small. If there was another dog around, she was in no mood to say hello. It was time to leave and leave now. Now if these were barking and snarling dogs off their leashes and charging, I could see her point, but most dogs we encountered were the friendly type who only wanted to stop, have a sniff, and say hello. Yalu wanted no part of that. No dog was going to sniff her. She was the one who did the sniffing.

People we encountered without dogs were another story. No dog around meant a big happy smile from her and a need to say hello in the hopes of getting some much needed petties.

“Oh what a cute dog,” people would say.

Yalu would wage her tail and pour on the puppy charm—the petties soon followed. Her behavior did make me wonder what her life was like at her kennel. I’ve always assumed she was the runt of the litter and her siblings vied too much for her mother’s attention making her a shy puppy.

Our walk would continue and on our journey there would be two houses where the dogs of each were inside, but saw us coming. They’d howl and bark and Yalu, who would get to the limit of her extendable leash and be in a rush to move on. We would hurry up our pace until the sounds of the barking dogs faded.

A big mistake would be taking her to a dog gym.There’s probably a chapter book story about her interactions with other dogs at a dog gym. I just need to put such a story together.

However, I do have a story about how Yalu chose me. It’s a wonderful e-book. To make it yours, click here.


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