When Is Yalu And The Stinky Stink Coming Out–The E-Book, Not The Stink


More than a few people have asked me when Yalu And The Stinky Stink is coming out. The answer, soon. How soon, this year soon.

The first step was to write the story. Check.

The second step was to format the book. Check.

The third step was to be able to pay my artist. Check, well, half of the payment was sent. As agreed upon, the other half will be sent when Tielman completes the drawings.

The fourth step is to get pictures from Tielman. That is a work in progress. He has been on this project for less than a month. He is making good progress and has sent me twenty-three good sketches that I like posting.

The fifth step is for Tielman to finalize the twenty-three pictures I have requested. We are going for a time frame where at best, he will complete the project before Halloween. At worse, Thanksgiving.

The good news is that when he completes his portion of the work, i can quickly get his pictures inserted into the right places in the story.

Finalizing and posting the e-book with the completed pictures should take less than twenty-four hours.

The e-book’s availability should come twenty-four hours after that.

For those of you wanting to read a great story about a dog who overcomes one setback after another to find a forever home, click here.


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